Stitch Wizard was created with the number one priority being customer service, and providing a quality product at a competitive price. For Stitch Wizard to be successful our customers must be successful.
Other companies claim to have the latest high tech software available. We use the same software that they use. In reality, the difference between “high tech” expensive programs and inexpensive programs is the ease of use for the digitizer. A good digitizer will produce quality tapes on any type of system, while the most expensive program available will not save an unskilled digitizer.
Other companies will claim that all they do is “digitize”, so this is their main focus. Stitch Wizard has over 20 years of embroidery production experience behind it. Not only do we know how to digitize a tape but we also know how to run the job!
This can be a valuable asset for our customers who are new to the business. We are more than happy to offer suggestions on how to make your logo run smoothly through the use of proper backings and toppings. Different fabrics can create different challenges for each job.
Some companies will offer service in less than six hours, and many offer same day service. Our normal delivery will be 48 hours. If you require same day service we will do our best to provide you with it, but please inquire prior to placing the order. We feel that 48 hours is more than adequate to produce a quality tape and test it to make sure it runs correctly.
Like the other companies, we will provide your tape to you via e-mail, and we request that all art is sent to us the same way. Stitch Wizard also provides a full-scale art department. Besides using the art department to enhance your artwork, we can also provide art services for customers who require “concepts” to provide to prospective clients. Our talented artists work with Illustrator and Photoshop programs.
Because we are located in Brazil, we are able to offer very competitive pricing.
In addition to Portuguese, we also speak English and Spanish.
Feel free to contact us through e-mail, our toll free number, or our very convenient chat room on our website.
Many companies claim to be the best, and unlike a sporting event where you have a definitive champion, there is no way to determine who is the best in the digitizing industry. These are probably the same companies who boast 100% satisfaction rate. We will never make what we feel to be unrealistic claims. It is not fair to you, or to our staff. We will make the promise to provide you with the quality service that you have earned, and which you also provide to your customers. We hope you allow Stitch Wizard to become part of your family. And as we hope your company’s success grows, Stitch Wizard will grow with you!

Thank you for allowing Stitch Wizard the opportunity to serve you.

Stitch Wizard