$4.00 USD

Regular turnaround is 48hours but any design can be rushed if needed ,at no
extra cost.

We have a minimum charge of $15.00 and a maximum charge of $200.00. Discounts may apply for design with large fill areas.


Quotes are free of charge. We provide quotes upon request and not everytime an order is sent in.The digitizing fee other than quotes will be based on stitches count. . Quotes can be off by a large amount sometimes since the exact stitch count is usually impossible to guess. If that happens the lowest price will always prevail even if the design was quoted previously with a higher rate.

We are happy to quote any artwork submitted to us.
Just E-Mail us the artwork.

Artwork Formats Needed:

* .AI (converted to curves)
*.CDR (converted to curves)

What We Need For a Quote:

• Artwork
• Size of the Design
• Material to be Embroidered
• Contact Name


Most edits are free. However some resizing and addition to artwork may involve extra cost. If extra costs apply, we will inform you prior to executing the job. Once we get your confirmation we will proceed.

Any existing embroidery design can be edited.
If you have a design that has problems like thread breaks, registration issues, puckering, stitch counts high or low, etc., we can edit the design.
Sometimes a design costs more to edit than to totally re-digitize.
If you send us the design we can tell you if it is better to edit
the design or better to re-digitize the entire design.
We have to see the actual design to know for sure.
There is no charge for checking the design.
We are capable of fixing almost any problem you may have.
With our digitizing experience you can be assured of getting only the highest quality digitizing.


Invoices will be sent twice a month – every two weeks. Invoices will include design details as well as its due date on which credit cards will be charged or checks are expected to be mailed. Costumers with payment delays more than 20 days from the due date may have their account suspended.

Payment Methods:

Credit cards accepted:
VISA, Master Card and PayPal.